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Heritage Designation

Legal owners of historic structures within Newfoundland and Labrador can apply for designation as a Registered Heritage Structure.


Categories of Recognition

  • 1 - Registered Landmark Structures - represent the most important architectural and historical buildings in the province.
  • 2 - Registered Heritage Structures - a provincially prominent example of a particular architectural style and/or a structure having historical associations that are important on a provincial level.  
  • 3 - Recognized Heritage Structures & Features - structures and features which contribute to our cultural landscape.  Can include sheds, fishing structures, root cellars, fences and stone walls as well as historic cemeteries.  


What Does Designation Mean?

  • The property owner agrees to maintain the exterior of the structure in an original state and ensure that no inappropriate materials are used (i.e. vinyl siding, vinyl windows, steel doors, etc). 
  • The owner may apply for a restoration grant for the exterior of the building. 
  • The structure receives a 5"X10" bronze plaque noting its heritage designation.
  • The structure is listed on the Provincial and Canadian Register of Historic Places.


How Do I Apply?

  • The first step in the designation process is the completion of a Registered Heritage Structure Designation Application. The application requires information on such things as the age and background of the structure, list of alterations and any historical events associated with structure.
  • Accompanying the application for designation must be supporting documentation, proof of legal ownership and images of the exterior and interior.
  • The completed application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors of the Heritage Foundation.


** Application Deadlines **

For deadline information contact Michael at 739-1892 ext 3 or 

Click here to download applications.