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Registered Heritage Districts

Heritage districts are geographically defined areas that create a special sense of time and place through buildings, structures and open spaces modified by human use and which are united by past events, use and/or architecture.

Heritage districts constitute appropriate subjects for commemoration. Those of provincial significance will include one or more of the following:

  • A group of buildings, structures and open spaces that are a harmonious representation of one or more styles, building types or periods;
  • A group of buildings, structures and open spaces of technological or social significance;
  • A group of buildings, structures and open spaces which share uncommonly strong associations with individuals, events or themes of provincial significance.

Above all, a heritage district must have a sense of history, intrusive elements must be minimal and the district's heritage characteristics must predominate and set it apart from the area that immediately surrounds it.

For more information on Registered Heritage Districts view the online brochure or request a print version from the HFNL office.

Click here to  Download the Registered Heritage District Application.

Please click here to view a speech presented by architect Dr. Robert Mellin at the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada's Ceremony commemorating the Tilting Cultural Landscape District.

If you have any questions about heritage district designation, contact our offices at 1-888-739-1892 or email