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Designation and Granting (Modern Architecture)

Modern architecture in Newfoundland and Labrador shows a marked departure from the iconic building styles that are typically associated with heritage buildings in the province. They are "modern" in their style, construction, materials and detail.  

Style- the building is a recognizable example of a modern architecture style (e.g. Arts and Crafts, Expressionism, Modernism, Style Moderne, Wartime Innovation, International Style, Brutalism, etc.).

Construction/Materials- the building is constructed using techniques associated with modern construction (e.g. steel girders, poured concrete, composite materials, man-made stone or brick or glass skin/panels).

Exterior Detail- aspects of the exterior of the building give it a particular merit as representative of a style or form of modern architecture (e.g. simplicity and clarity of form, use of glass panels, use of industrially produced materials, concrete construction, concrete panels, curtain walls, window treatment, elimination of unnecessary detail, simple yet decorative finishes or plain simple horizontal and/or vertical lines).

A building that was created during the modern era may be considered of provincial significance if it is in a condition that respects the integrity of its original design, materials, workmanship, function and/or setting. It should also be an outstanding illustration of the following

-          changing social, political and/or economic conditions;    

-          rapid technological advances;

-          new expressions of form and/or responses to functional demands;

-          a precedent that had a significant impact on subsequent buildings. 


What Does Designation Mean?

  • The property owner agrees to maintain the exterior of the structure in an original state with materials appropriate to modern architecture.  
  • The owner may apply for a restoration grant for the exterior of the building. 
  • The structure receives a 5"X10" bronze plaque noting its heritage designation.
  • The structure is listed on the Provincial and Canadian Register of Historic Places.


How Do I Apply?

  • The first step in the designation process is the completion of a Registered Heritage Structure Designation Application. The application requires information on such things as the age and background of the structure, list of alterations and any historical events associated with structure.
  • Accompanying the application for designation must be supporting documentation, proof of legal ownership and images of the exterior and interior.
  • The completed application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors of the Heritage Foundation.


** Application Deadlines **

For deadline information contact Michael at 739-1892 ext 3 or

Click here to download applications.